Kok Bisa + Gaharu Content Academy (Oct 2023)

I had the opportunity to attend a three-day class plus one hour of mentorship hosted by Kok Bisa, one of the biggest educational YouTube platforms in Southeast Asia.

I learned about becoming a better content creator on YouTube and Instagram, particularly in conveying messages about environmental awareness. Learn more about my YouTube My YT

GirlCode Ambassador (Sept 2023)

As an ambassador of GirlCode (woman tech community), I will contribute to help other women + community that are interested in breaking into tech. Through Instagram live, event, or social media post, I can spread the word about this!

Stay tuned in learning more about my career journey + tech tips on Instagram @ beauxbytes and check out my profile here.

Spolight UX Diversity Scholarship (June 2023)

This FITC program is aimed at underrepresented groups to attend the upcoming Spotlight UX event. I received one free ticket either online or in-person event in Toronto for the UX Conference. Learn more



Major League Hacking Prep Fellowship (Mar 2023)

The MLH Fellowship Prep Program is a 3-week preparation program for aspiring technologists who are interested in experiencing the fellowship before committing to the full 12-weeks. I will be building out personal projects and learning new technologies through hackathon sprints.

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Major League Hacking Founder Fellowship (Nov 2022)

Among hundred participants, I got selected to join the Founder Fellowship course (November batch) and to bring my ideas as a future founder.


Courier Community Developer Badge (Oct 2022)

As a community developer, I contribute to help others to generate new ideas for the hackathon project and create some projects that integrate Courier API.