As a UX manager handling the website's content and design, I collaborated with the UX designers and developers to create a style guide that fits our brand’s mission.

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2 developers, 3+ UX Designers, and myself as a UX Manager and Copywriter


Ongoing (Sep 2022 - Present)

⚙️ Tools

Figma, Github, Visual Studio Code

<aside> 🌏 BrightWaste is a Sustainable Marketplace Website that can give people options either to sell the used items directly to the shop or to upcycle the discarded items and sell it for a better price.



Inspiration behind the project

I love to do DIY in my free time. So, I went to a materials store close to my area, Lacey, WA, US, to buy wood to build my new shelf. I was disappointed with the furniture waste left in the store. At that time, I got a chance to interview a worker in the shop and two people that were shoppers.

<aside> 🌎 Question: Tell me how you reuse the materials at home.


And it was shocking to listen to their answers:

“I didn’t do anything to it. I just place in the closet and threw it after few years.” - Student, 20

”I sold it in OfferUp for cheaper price or tossed it in the waste dump.” — Sarah, 52, Housewife

Analyze the goal of BrightWaste

Our main goal is to encourage people to live sustainably and earn more money at the same time. The idea of recycling has been a trend since years ago. The question is, does it work?

Based on the research,

Glass bottle.png

It could be easier to sell the used item for a lower price, but instead of doing so,

<aside> 🌎 Why don't we get our creativity going and turn it into something more meaningful and can have more value to it? It doesn't only impact the earth; also, we can contribute to the economy cycle.


That’s why we provide BrightWaste, which helps people to get plenty of ideas on how to recycle their stuff and lets the potential seller get notified when they can sell the products for a better price.