As a UX writer or content lead, I collaborate with UX designers and developers to redesign esports content that attracts potential students and partners to our learning platform. We are currently focusing on revamping the website, and in the future, we may scale up to create a mobile app.

🧑‍🤝‍🧑 Team

5 UX Designers, 5+ Developers, 3+ Product Managers, and myself as a UX Writer


Ongoing (Sep 2023 - Present)

⚙️ Tools

Figma, Google Docs, Trello


Esports is growing, and so is the learning platform

Parabled has a vision of becoming the next biggest esports coaching platform, not only offering one game (the current game being League of Legends) but also branching out to more games, such as Valorant, Mobile Legends, and others.

<aside> 🎯 Our goal is to understand the current issues with Parabled and other learning platforms, how the new Parabled website offers a better structure and user experience, and to determine the critical features to prioritize for the next iteration of the product


Analyze the issues of previous Parabled website

Analyzing and reviewing the previous Parabled website was the best approach before conducting user research and revamping the entire website directly.

Here is our analysis of the website:"