Design the shopping app iOS that increased revenue by 25%. The idea of the app is to help the shoppers apply the automatic discounts, save money, and speed up the checkout process.

πŸ§‘β€πŸ€β€πŸ§‘ Team

UX Designers, Project Manager, and myself as a Content Lead

⏰ Duration

8 weeks (Jan - Feb 2020)

βš™οΈ Tools

Figma, Illustrator


Increase shopping experience using a mobile app

In this recent era, people tend to use mobile apps to get a grocery delivery service. As the fact that this way is more convenient. However, some people are still taking trips to the grocery store.


of nearly 2700 adults

In the United States preferred going to the grocery store amid the COVID-19 pandemic.


of them

Had issues with the delivery service and felt bad about it.

Having an issue with the delivery service was the main reason people decided to go shopping in the store.

Our idea was to introduce the shopping cart that can help customers scan the items directly placed inside the cart. And to help the customers stay on the budget, there would be a discount offer directly applying when they checked out.

Above -This is what the future shopping cart app looks like.


Reduce the hassle of a long line in the cashier

We found that three out of the users liked a quick shopping (under 5 minutes just for small items.