My design principle is based on the Framework for Innovation or new version of double diamond, which helps me to fully understand what the problem is and how I can solve this. I always believe that design is a great help when it comes to innovating. That is exactly what we see in the market: businesses that need to innovate turn to design for help, for a model, with the additional of key metrics (engagement and leadership).

I believe design changes things, responds to problems, and understands how that problem affects people using products.


First, I determine which problems that we need to solve and learn how users react to that problem.

Heuristic evaluation | Analytics Review | Competitor Analysis | User Surveys | User Interviews | User Testing | User Journeys


This stage ensures that ‘why’ question is understood, which can highlight what users’ needs and motivations. These findings can guide my team to focus on a specific need.

Affinity Mapping | User Personas | Story Boards | Customer Journey

Design and Content Writing

It’s time to get into the game, which is to design and write the UX content! The design phase puts the interactive wireframes and prototypes in front of the stakeholders and users to get feedback.

Paper prototypes | Wireframes | A/B Testing | Mood Boards | High Fidelity Prototypes


At this stage, I work with developers to reach the next target, the implementing phase! I always make sure my communication going well with the developer team, project manager, and product manager!

Figma | Zeplin

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